Introduction & Background

Saya FULL STACK Engineer
Mengerti membuat Web Aplikasi dan Android Native, serta untuk iOS menggunakan Flutter.
Mengerti Micro Services dan Serverless
Mengerti Manage Server baik Dedicated Server, Cloud Service Alibaba, Digital Ocean, AWS, Azure dan Google Cloud.
Mengerti Jaringan Komputer, Firewall dan produk Mikrotik.
Pernah membuat BlockChain dan CrytoCurrency menggunakan CryptoNote ataupun NXT.
Mengerti keamanan server dan aplikasi.
Mengerti ElasticSearch dan teman temannya.
Mengerti Database SQL dan NoSQL
Senang ngoprek Raspberry Pi
Mengerti Machine Learning
Mengerti Chatbot

I can adapt to new environment and new Technology, i can give solution, i am a troubleshooter, i like to find a bug and fix it, software development is never ending project, always fixing always improving.

A Company Hire me to manage and control from Frontend to Backend, to make sure all connected.
I create my own automation for building Android Apps and for deployment

Mempunyai banyak cicilan, saat ini cicilan rumah+mobil 11jt/bln :D

Areas of experience & interest

PHP   Golang   Python   Flutter   Microservices   Linux   Server and Code Security   API design   Build Automation   Project Management   Gradle   Java   Troubleshooting   SQL   REST   Technical Architecture   Machine learning   Server and Cloud Management  

Work Experience

Some projects I am Working On